Black-owned body care, skin care, hair oil brand launches in Delray

After working with kids with autism for years, lifelong Delray Beach resident Briah Duncan saw a need for a product that would encourage kids to wash their hands.

So, she and her husband Adly Enoicy developed Selphf’s Sensory Soap – a jiggly, bright soap that comes in orange and purple.

Black-owned body care brand Selphf carries a variety of body care products such as soap and massage bars, oils, and serums. Duncan believes Selphf is a stand-out brand because of its passionate owners – herself and her husband.

Duncan says she immediately received positive feedback on the Sensory Soap after the launch.

“The kids absolutely loved it,” Duncan said. “Some kiddos that were very minimal in their verbiage would say, ‘So good, so good.’ And that’s what really pushed us to say, ‘OK, the market needs something like this and our kiddos with autism need something like this as well.’ ”

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