CASETiFY hands-on: Eco-friendly Google Pixel 6 cases like no other

A lot goes into making a great phone case that you can use on an everyday basis. There’s no such thing as a flawless phone cover, but many brands come close to achieving perfection. Introduce eco-friendliness into the mix, however, and it becomes a somewhat limiting factor. Happily, many big name case makers are trying to adopt a greener approach.

Companies like Pela make cases and other phone accessories from sustainable materials entirely, but only a Pela phone cover is 100% biodegradable. Others like Otterbox and UAG occasionally offer the odd options here and there that incorporate recycled materials, or are compostable by design in an effort to help keep our planet cleaner and greener. CASETiFY, on the other hand, uses a certain percentage of recycled plastics in every single one of its cases.

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