Lubbock fireworks stand donates 100% of proceeds to nonprofit

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – Fireworks represent a time of fun and celebration for a lot of people but for one local fireworks stand operator, they mean more.

Alisa Sisemore, founder of the REACH Community and operator of Mr. W fireworks on 98th and Highway 62/82, uses this time to raise money and awareness for her nonprofit.

Her organization, REACH, is the acronym for Reaching Every Adult Child and Home. Sisemore says they meet kids right where they are and help them as they face challenges growing up.

“What we’re trying to do is really say, ‘Hey, you do have hope in your life and you were made to do something only you can do,’” Sisemore said.

For the past six years, Sisemore has been managing the Mr. W Fireworks stand for New Year’s and Fourth of July. She says 100% of the profits go straight to REACH Community.

“We always need things for snacks and our arts and crafts, and for our sports and games things, and stuff like that,” Sisemore said.

Not only is the stand raising money, Sisemore says, it’s raising awareness.

“We have our cards out, we have our signs out, different things like that, flyers and all that,” Sisemore said. “So, they get to learn, ‘Okay, how can I be involved all year round?’”

Sisemore says fundraising through fireworks is a fun way to get into the community and build relationships.

“As we do this, we are getting to know people. We have customers now who will repeat, ”Sisemore said. “They’ve been here five years and they’ll be back. So, it’s a really cool thing because then they get to know what REACH Community is and that we’re around. ”

As the organization is able to help more people, Sisemore says she can see the impact it has on everyone it helps.

“The other day a lady came up to me, it was a grandmother and she has her grandkids and raising them,” Sisemore said. “She said, ‘This program has changed our lives,’ and then she said, ‘You’re an angel.’ I was like, ‘Okay.’ It was just, it’s interesting to hear people’s feedback. ”

Sisemore says REACH Community is not for just the youth, it is working with youth to reach the whole family.

She says REACH Community is always looking for volunteers and donations. You can click here to get involved.

Her fireworks stands are Mr. W on 98th Street and Highway 62/82 and Mr. W across from the Reese Golf Course.

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