Men’s social group introduced at community center

A MEN’S social group has been set up at Crownway Community Center.

The community center in Earlestown introduced the social group to offer a service for men to socialize and take part in community activities.

The group, funded by Arnold Clark community fund, takes place every Friday from 1pm – 3pm.

Philomena Zilinski, the center coordinator, said: “The reason we started a men’s social group is because we have activities going on within Crownway but a lot of them were dominated by females.

“So, we thought we’d start a dedicated men’s social group.”

The social group had its debut last week, with games including cards and dominoes played.

The center is also looking to bring a darts board and table tennis into the Friday social group.

The social is a space for men to talk to others and to improve their mental wellbeing.

Philomena added: “They seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. It was really nice to see men chatting and just having a good time in their own companies.

“There’s been a lot of men’s group throughout St Helens but they wanted something here in Earlestown which was quite new to them.

The center is also hoping to pilot an upcycling group, with funding proposals already placed.

Philomena said: “I know there are a lot of craft groups around, but what I’d like to do is get people together to do traditional crafts but using things they’ve got at home.

“If we get the funding, we’d like to look at teaching people how to mend clothes rather than buying something new.

“The main aim is to stop people from constantly buying cheap new clothes which end up in landfills when we’ve got really good quality items out there that we can repurpose.”

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