Gilded Body Founder Blair Armstrong on Launching Her Brand & What Keeps Her Motivated

Most brand founders have the mind of an innovator, the passion of a visionary, and the dedication of a leader. Blair Armstrong, founder of Gilded Body, can add another trait to the list: the heart of an artist. Her elegantly handcrafted candles and body care products not only upgrade the self-care experience, but resemble a … Read more

18 Oatmeal Bath And Body Recipes To Nourish and Soothe Your Skin – Bath and Body

This roundup is all about Oatmeal. We know that oatmeal is good for out tummies but did you know it is even better when applied to our skin. Oatmeal is a natural exfoliant, and as an exfoliation, layers of dull dead skin are gently removed lifting out toxins and unblocking pores. Exfoliating should be a … Read more

The Last Clockwinder review: A Quest puzzler that’ll challenge your mind and body

Puzzle games often revolve around moving small pieces into the right places to accomplish something larger. It’s an age-old practice that both stills the mind and keeps it stimulated. It’s the sort of paradox that fits nicely into the world of The Last Clockwinder, where you have to unravel a mystery of what happened to … Read more

What is Garmin Body Battery?

What is Garmin Body Battery? Garmin Body Battery is the fitness brand’s proprietary metric for measuring your current energy level based on past workouts, heart rate variability, sleep and stress tracking, diet and hydration, and other information. Most Garmin watches support it, so you can judge how hard to work out on a given day. … Read more

Component Engineer – Body E / E Product Development At Mercedes-Benz

Location: Bengaluru Company: Mercedes-Benz Tasks System & Component responsible – Body E / E Product DevelopmentMercedes-Benz Research and Development, India is seeking System & Component responsible engineer with a strong technical background in product development of Electronic Control Units. Roles and Responsibilities Development and series support for EE components for Mercedes Benz cars which fulfill … Read more

16 Orange Scented Essential Oil Recipes For Anxiety – Bath and Body

This roundup of links is for recipes containing Orange Essential oil. Orange Essential oil is the perfect ingredient when it comes to treating anxiety naturally. So what makes Orange oil soo good for the soul? Orange essential oil is extracted from the rind of the sweet orange, you may have noticed after peeling an orange … Read more


Minister Sukkar discusses the next steps as the Government funds AASRA Federal Government Minister, Michael Sukkar – a long-time advocate of a fair and open automotive repair and service sector – was instrumental in the Government’s passing of recent laws that will force car manufacturers to share data with independent service and repair workshops. Car … Read more