Creature Theory helps Boombalatti’s brand, Panacea, EOD distillery

Wilmington-based company Creature Theory just took home seven Craft Beer Marketing Awards for work that spans from Alaska to Georgia. But locals are more likely to have seen their brand designs for local food and beverage companies. Boombalatti’s Homemade Ice Cream, for example, needed pint containers. Panacea Brewing Company’s VW bus is taking flight on … Read more

How Jeff Scult And One Golden Thread Are Creating A Regenerative Fashion Brand That Uplifts People And The Planet

Jeff Scult, the Founder and Chief Creative Officer at One Golden ThreadONE GOLDEN THREAD One Golden Thread An alternative to the many fast fashion brands in the world, One Golden Thread crafts feel-good fashion for the collective conscious. Their mission is to connect humanity by a golden thread to nature, an elemental reminder that caring … Read more

Gilded Body Founder Blair Armstrong on Launching Her Brand & What Keeps Her Motivated

Most brand founders have the mind of an innovator, the passion of a visionary, and the dedication of a leader. Blair Armstrong, founder of Gilded Body, can add another trait to the list: the heart of an artist. Her elegantly handcrafted candles and body care products not only upgrade the self-care experience, but resemble a … Read more

Here’s how likely you are to switch from your current phone brand

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority We buy phones from specific brands for a number of reasons. Some people buy a manufacturer’s phone because they’re loyal to the brand, while some buy a brand’s phone because it fulfilled all their needs on paper. Then there are some people who may have only bought a specific manufacturer’s … Read more

Young Ōpōtiki fashion designer making waves with luxury brand

If you’re looking for the home of high fashion in New Zealand your mind may quickly wander to the likes of Auckland’s Ponsonby or the streets of Wellington. Not many would think of the small East Coast town of Ōpōtiki. Home to delicious seafood and gorgeous wildlife, and a store on the main drag that’s … Read more

Honor Is Hanging By A Thread, But Ex-Huawei Brand Can Break Through

Everyone knows the story of Huawei. In 2019-2020, the US government decided to forbid Huawei and many other Chinese companies from using any hardware or software originating from the US. This made the former Chinese tech giant make painful decisions. First, Huawei freed its subsidiary Honor. The latter had a mission of boosting Huawei’s sales … Read more

A Brand New Summer Feast In Oneonta To Celebrate The Environment

A new organization called the Susquehanna Headwaters Environmental Collaborative will be sponsoring two events on Saturday, July 9th in Oneonta’s Neahwa Park. The Eco-Fair will kick off at 11 am and run until 4 pm and the Eco-Feast happens from 4 pm until 7 pm Exhibitors at the Eco-Fair, “can be municipalities, educational institutions, non-profits, … Read more

Black-owned body care, skin care, hair oil brand launches in Delray

After working with kids with autism for years, lifelong Delray Beach resident Briah Duncan saw a need for a product that would encourage kids to wash their hands. So, she and her husband Adly Enoicy developed Selphf’s Sensory Soap – a jiggly, bright soap that comes in orange and purple. Black-owned body care brand Selphf … Read more