New Jersey Door Holding

There are some stereotypes about New Jersey that are absolutely true. For example, we move fast and have a bit of an “edge.” Many out-of-state people think that we’re rude. I’ve lived in New Jersey my entire life and sure we’ve got some rude people amongst us, but most of my fellow New Jerseysians are … Read more

A Woonsocket institution, Debbie’s Pet Salon closes doors after 45 years | News

WOONSOCKET – At 19, Deb Cote approached her mother and told her she wanted to open her own pet grooming salon. “She gave me $ 2,000 and I started, and I haven’t stopped,” Cote told The Breeze. “I spent every bit of that $ 2,000 and I made it. I made it through. ” Now, … Read more

JUDY HOLMES: Hobbies bring people together, and soothe us in our solitude | Columnists

Growing up in Indiana, hobbies were part of the daily fabric of my life. Everyone – adults and children, women and men – created something with their hands. Indiana is a religiously conservative state, but I do not remember hearing the adage “idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” Rather, I heard about how satisfying it … Read more