Creating stained glass displays fit for the heavens in Sagrada for Android

The board gaming industry has seen a massive resurgence in the past decade, making it no surprise that more and more board games are being created for mobile devices. The trouble is, not all existing board games can gracefully make the leap to the small screen. Many are plagued by janky AI, bugs, and poorly … Read more

OPPO’s Air Glass gives a glimpse at what Google AR hopes to achieve

This week’s Augmented World Expo showed off plenty of early-adopter tech that’s technically “on sale” but is really meant as a proof of concept that’ll improve with every generation. Over $ 1,000 VR and AR rigs that look like motherships or your grandparents’ thickest glasses on steroids; haptic vests that hurt you when you’re hit … Read more

TAG festival to fill Tacoma with artists, glass, entertainment

The Museum of Glass is one of the sponsors of the upcoming TAG Festival on May 22. The new arts festival features artists, food, entertainment and glass blowing demonstrations including MOG’s mobile hotshop, pictured. Museum of Glass / Courtesy A new downtown Tacoma arts festival May 22 is bringing together the public with some of … Read more

Celebrate Lei Day Year-Round with a New Kind of Flower from Arlie Glass

There’s something so calming about Arlie Glass’ handmade puakenikeni. Whether it’s their mellow lilac, light orange and soft pink hues, or how each delicate flower catches the light, the captivating glass blooms conjure a dreamy golden hour, when everything looks magical. They’re some of the latest works from Arlie Pemberton, whose one-of-a-kind glass creations include … Read more