Why I’m not keeping all my digital eggs in the Google basket

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority Google has built a ton of services, all of them accessible via one account. In fact, with a few exceptions here and there (YouTube, Google Search, Google Maps), you can’t actually use most of the company’s major services without creating an account in the first place. Needless to say, it’s … Read more

Google “steals” users location data

According to the Australian Associated Press, in a legal battle with the Australian competition watchdog, Google has agreed to pay a fine of $60 million. This is because the technology giant is collecting misleading users about personal location data. In April last year, the Federal Court of Australia found Google had violated consumer laws by … Read more

Google Pixel Buds Pro vs. AirPods Pro: Which should you buy?

Almost feature-complete While there are a couple of features we’re still waiting on, the Pixel Buds Pro are truly awesome earbuds. Google got a lot right this time around, and we can’t stop using them on all of our devices. For Much longer battery life Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode Includes Multipoint and audio … Read more

Google Pixel Buds Pro vs. Pixel Buds A-Series: Should you upgrade?

Google Pixel Buds Pro Almost perfect There are a few gripes that you could have with the new Pixel Buds Pro. But by and large, these offer everything we’ve been asking for from a set of high-end Pixel Buds. For Active noise cancellation Wireless charging Longer battery life Multipoint connectivity Three microphones per earbud Against … Read more

Should Google make a Tensor Lite processor for its Pixel A series?

Robert Triggs / Android Authority Google debuted the Tensor in the Pixel 6 series late last year — a semi-custom high-end chipset with Google’s special hardware sauce slathered on top of it. Although the Pixel 6 series didn’t quite boast best-in-class flagship performance, it still offered plenty of power and impressive machine learning capabilities. Now, … Read more

Best deals today: LG’s OLED A1 Series smart TV, Google Pixel 6a, and more

Source: LG Today’s Best Deals CONTENTS CLOSE LG OLED A1 Series smart TV Source: LG We have a massive selection of deals for you today, starting with a couple of smart TVs from LG that are receiving massive discounts, where you will find the LG OLED A1 Series 4k Smart TV, which is currently seeing … Read more