Making sense of the Nothing phone (1) skipping a US release

If you’re looking for a new smartphone and you live in the US, you probably know the drill. While you could get a great unlocked Android phone on Amazon, the possibility that it won’t work with your carrier of choice is pretty high. That’s why most US-based customers shop for smartphones at a carrier-branded store, … Read more

Honeycone Craft Icecream adds a new twist to icecream making

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – It’s the season for ice cream and in New England that is pretty much all year round. There is a new kid on the block in Chester setting itself apart from the crowd called Honeycone Craft Ice Cream. Tula MacDougal and her daughter, Christiana Berube, started running the business together … Read more

The Art of Making Art: Lucy Knisley

A book tells a story with words, and a sketch or painting portrays a story with images. A comic book tells a story with words and images. Evanston’s Lucy Knisley (pronounced “nigh-slee”) creates comic books for which she writes the story, draws the images and colors the pages. She creates complete visual narratives ready for … Read more

Making of Gaslit: Special roundtable panel with 5 contenders

“I’ve always been a huge Nixon geek, since I was very young,” admits Robbie Pickering, the creator and showrunner of the limited series “Gaslit” on Starz. “The culture around Nixon is kind of the locust point for our current malfeasance in politics and culture war. I grew up in a very Evangelical, Christian, conservative home. … Read more

The Recorder – Making HAY at Hawlemont School

Hawlemont School in Charlemont is justly renowned for its pioneering HAY program. HAY stands for Hawlemont Agriculture and You. Taking inspiration from the rural area in which the school is located, the program teaches elementary school students the basics of agriculture. The students grow crops, tend a greenhouse, care for animals, and learn traditional crafts … Read more

Gamesir X3 for Android review: Making notable improvements

With the likes of Xbox Cloud gaming and publishers releasing some of their flagship franchises natively on mobile, gaming is bigger than ever on Android. I’ve been lucky to test out several mobile controllers over the past year, ranging from Razer to Nacon, and even other Gamesir models. When I saw that Gamesir was updating … Read more

Cochiti artisan to give instrument making demonstration at Pecos National Historical Park

A finished drum made by Carlos Herrera, Cochiti Pueblo. (Courtesy of Carlos Herrera) The emblem for Cochiti Pueblo is not too subtle – a traditional ceremonial drum. The deeply resonant drums have become synonymous with the pueblo and one its leading craftsman, Carlos Herrera, will be demonstrating his art and discussing the importance of native … Read more

17 Father’s Day Crafts That Kids Will Love Making For Dad

Kids love their dads, and kids love crafts. It’s a no-brainer to put the two together, especially on a day that celebrates dads in all their corny-joke-telling, couch-napping, golf-playing, BBQ-grill-mastering, king-of-the-swingset glory. However, coming up with Father’s Day crafts that are cute, fun, sentimental, and simple enough for little hands (or feet, in this case) … Read more

10 DIY Apple Scented Candles You Can Make At Home – Candle Making

This roundup of candles is all about apples, not the fresh kind but the waxy kind. These candle-making tutorials all feature either apples or apple scents, from apple pie to apple spice. Apple Spice candles are one of the top-selling Yankee Can dle scents, so lets try making our own. You can be as creative … Read more