Teaching the Principles of Computer Science in K – 12 Schools

“Coding is a good gateway, but elementary students need to engage in more project-based activities to develop problem-solving skills,” says Hicks. “We need to provide opportunities for a broader application of skills with real situations and applications.” “At CodeAdvantage, our K – 12 curriculum focuses on fundamental concepts, hands-on activities, integrating arts and crafts,” says … Read more

101 Science Behind How a Solar Panel System Works

Solar panel installations have become quite common in the last few years, thanks to the reduced prices. But one question still persists among the consumers that is – how do solar panels work in providing continuous electricity. Understanding the working mechanism of a solar panel system helps in getting the maximum of the investment – … Read more

For some researchers at PNNL, a little DIY goes a long way

Researchers Khadouja Harouaka (front), Isaac Arnquist and their colleagues at PNNL developed a simple and convenient alternative for the measurement of ultratrace uranium and thorium that will allow the high energy and nuclear physics communities to meet the growing demand for lower thresholds of radio contaminants. Andrea Starr | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory For many … Read more

NYPL celebrates Immigrant Heritage Month in Port Richmond with crafts, fun, science. Book giveaway continues all summer.

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Dozens of children, teens, and their families spent the afternoon Thursday making arts and crafts, eating hot dogs and burgers, conducting a science experiment and choosing free books at Veterans Park in Port Richmond at an event hosted by the New York Public Library (NYPL) in honor of Immigrant Heritage Month. … Read more